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Unlimited Support for “Peace of Mind” Living Trust
Plan Clients

Callahan & Associates, Chtd. is proud to offer what we call “Unlimited Support” to clients for whom we have drafted a “Peace of Mind” Living Trust Plan. Our Unlimited Support means that if you have any questions about your Living Trust Plan, in person or on the telephone, we answer those questions without charge. Questions may include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • How you put assets in your Living Trust.
  • Changing the beneficiary designation on certain types of accounts to your Living Trust.
  • Acquiring real property in the name of your Living Trust.
  • Selling assets held by your Living Trust.
  • Action to be taken by your Successor Trustee.

In the event that you require additional legal documents to be prepared, there will be a charge. These may include such documents as amendments to your trust agreement and deeds conveying new parcels of real property to your trust. The preparation of additional legal documents is not a part of our Unlimited Support.

In addition to our Unlimited Support while you are living, after your death we will meet with your spouse and/or Successor Trustee for a free Peace of Mind meeting. The Peace of Mind meeting is offered to answer questions of your spouse and/or Successor Trustee. Again, questions are answered without charge.  If however, your spouse and/or Successor Trustee requests legal documents to be prepared or retains our law firm to assist in the administration of the trust then there will be a charge.